Take your website to the next level with SEO! 1st on the List offers SEO plans of all sizes to boost your traffic and bring in new customers so that your business can keep growing.

1st on the List SEO Services

Let us design the right sized, right priced SEO campaign for you!

1st on the List provides our customers with 2 distinctive types of SEO:

Local SEO works well for service-based companies looking for better rankings and new business in a specific city or cities. Also known as location-based SEO, this is an affordable and effective way to build rankings for keyword searches that includes a city location (ex. hair salon Frisco).

Custom SEO comes in many shapes and sizes and is tailored to competitive markets or larger websites that require specialized and detailed work. Often the goal is to obtain regional or national search visibility and branding for very competitive search terms. These custom campaigns are managed by experienced SEO’s who use advanced strategies and focus on the most important factors that will earn you the biggest return.

Who is 1st on the List? 1st on the List is an award-winning Search Marketing company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing solid SEO advice to our clients. Please contact us to see what SEO option will be suit your needs and start driving traffic and generating new business!

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